Pathlight was founded in 2009, based on a foundational belief that the financial services industry was broken. We believed there had to be a better way to serve investors. We believed hidden fees and conflicts of interest were not O.K. We believed that independence from the archaic world of Wall Street would serve the individual investor best…and we were right.

Pathlight is proud to be a vanguard in the movement to independent advice. However, independence alone is not enough. What is important is what it can deliver to our clients: Conflict free advice. Understandable fees. Adherence to a Fiduciary standard. We invite you to join the movement and see what Pathlight can do for you.


The founding partners became discouraged and disappointed with the poor judgment and questionable behavior exercised by Wall Street Banks during the 2008-2009 financial crisis. Employed by one of these firms at the time, the founders felt their clients’ confidence eroded by the financial crisis and desired strongly to be stewards of their own reputations going forward. Thus, Pathlight was born.

Founded in 2009, Pathlight immediately exudes a familial and collegial atmosphere and culture. As the firm has grown, we believe not only is that original culture intact, but continues to evolve and elevate.


The core of what we do at Pathlight is provide personalized, prudent, and compelling advice to our clients in order to help them meet their goals and aspirations. We believe the strength of our culture, with its foundation built on putting clients’ interests above all else, is a key component to delivering a successful client experience. The promise of this experience includes, but is not limited to:

  • Providing financial advice

  • Maintaining direct & confidential communication

  • Developing an investment approach that is consistent with the objective of the client

  • Pursuing the highest standards of integrity and professionalism