Sandy Relief Bill Passes – We Just Spent the Tax Increases for 2013

  • Posted on: 9 December 2015
  • By: admin

Sandy Relief Bill Passes – We Just Spent the Tax Increases for 2013

The House finally passed a $51 billion relief package for Hurricane Sandy yesterday, but without cost cuts to offset the distribution, the revenue from the increased taxes on wealthy Americans for 2013 has already been spent. You can read the story at

Why You Should Care

This isn’t a post about Hurricane Sandy relief. We need to help our community when it is impacted by devastating disasters. Sandy relief should have been handled prior to all of the fiscal cliff bombast at the end of the year. This is a post about the dynamics of Washington and how you just can’t get ahead when it comes to actually reducing deficits and spending, and how higher taxes can’t save us.

In one vote on the floor of the House, all of the money we expect to generate from the higher taxes on Americans making over $400,000 in 2013 is gone. Conservative Republicans tried to attach an amendment to the legislation that would have required an across the board 1.67% cut to discretionary spending in order to pay for the relief package. It would most certainly have delayed the relief effort for Sandy victims, so I’m happy we are finally sending money, but until we are willing, as a nation, to go without something, we won’t be able to accomplish anything. This is just another example of politicians telling us all that they will get to the cuts…eventually. But we all know those cuts aren’t coming.

In 12 months we will turn the calendar to 2014 and I’m certain that another disaster will happen that will require federal funding. Another program will pop up that is “vital” to our nation. Another country will need military help. The point is, it never stops, and before we can take in new money from taxes, they are already spent. Not to mention the $16 trillion of debt currently on the books that needs to be repaid. Have we become so jaded as a nation that we think we can get out of this mess without feeling any collective pain?