Pathlight Investors’ Top Recommended Reads - October 2013

  • Posted on: 9 December 2015
  • By: admin

Here's our picks for October 2013:  


China growth ests cut by World Bank – the World Bank on Mon lowered its growth forecasts for China and most of developing East Asia; the WB now sees developing East Asian growth +7.1% in ’13 (down from +7.8% in Apr) and +7.2% in ’14 (vs. +7.6% in Apr).  Chinese growth in ’14 is seen +7.7%, down from its prior forecast of +8% - Reuters   


Puerto Rico is the new Greece -


How Summers was doomed – the Reuters provides some background on Larry Summers’ path through the Senate; the White House knew he was doomed when it realized at least 5 Democratic Senators on the Senate Banking Committee were leaning against Summers as Fed chairman.  "Four seemed insurmountable. Five was just game over," said a Senate aide.  Reuters  


Health care – the White House said Americans will pay on average $328 per month for a mid-tier health insurance plan once the new ObamaCare exchanges open next week.  The Obama administration is counting on signing up 7 million Americans in the first full year of reform through the state exchanges – Reuters   


Greece – the country’s deputy PM said a 3rd bailout wasn’t required; all Greece needed was a “re-profiling” of its current debt (longer maturities and a lower interest rate) and that, combined w/a return to the debt market in ’14, could suffice.  Reuters   


Spain – the gov’t may deepen the overhaul of labor laws in an effort to reduce unemployment – Bloomberg   


Congress – the coming fall will be “bitter, ugly, and widly unpredictable” in Washington.  Congress is set “decide the fates of a president’s power, a military strike, defense contracts, the budget, health-care implementation, the Federal Reserve chairmanship, illegal immigrants, and all of us who would be hit by a debt default”.  Politico


And On A Lighter Note…


Japanese professor pushes for Hide and Seek at the Olympics: