Pathlight Investors’ Top Recommended Reads - November 2014

  • Posted on: 9 December 2015
  • By: admin

additional volatility.  Dudley echoed her comments in separate remarks.  WSJ  


House – the GOP could very well keep a majority in the House for the next generation at least.  NYT   


Net Neutrality – Wheeler to break w/Obama over net neutrality – according to the Washington Post, FCC Chairman Wheeler is preparing to move in a different direction from what Obama proposed Mon w/regards to net neutrality and industry regulation.  Wheeler apparently has told industry reps that he preferred a more “nuanced” solution vs. what Obama talked about earlier this week.  “The dissonance between Obama and Wheeler has the makings of a major policy fight”.  Washington Post    


US shale drillers are starting to idle some rigs according to data out last week; rigs targeting oil sank by 14 to 1568 last week, the lowest since Aug 22 (it peaked at 1609 back on Oct 10).  The Eagle Ford shale formation in south Texas lost the most, dropping 9 to 197.  Drillers are slowing their activity as crude prices tumble.  Bloomberg


China – President Xi told a group of global business leaders that the risks facing China aren’t “that scary” and the government is confident it can handle them.  "Some people worry that China's economic growth will fall further, can it climb over the ridge?" Xi said. "There are indeed risks, but it's not so scary.  "Even at growth of around 7 percent, regardless of speed or volume, (we) are among the best in the world," he said, noting that China's economy remained "stable".  Reuters  


Russia/Ukraine – four reasons by Putin may be marching back into Ukraine: 1) ensure the rebel-controlled regions stay within the Russian orbit after recent elections revealed a strong pro-Western bias; 2) help the rebels retain their tenuous grip over their controlled territory; 3) ensure a supply route into Crimea; 4) ensure the rebels stay loyal and beholden to Moscow – Bloomberg  


OPEC meeting coming up on 11/27 – is a production cut possible?  After being adamant that a production cut wasn’t coming, Reuters says some OPEC delegates are now “whispering” about the need for output to be curtailed.  Reaching a consensus on this matter won’t be easy and rather than formally lowering the quota OPEC may instead call for greater discipline of the existing target (right now output is ~500K BPD above the official quota – if OPEC imposes greater discipline that would be similar to a production cut).  


And On A Lighter Note…

Arctic storm has Colorado shoveling ... tumbleweed -