Pathlight’s Five-Year Anniversary: What We’ve Learned

  • Posted on: 9 December 2015
  • By: admin

The following is an excerpt from our article: Pathlight’s Five-Year Anniversary: What We’ve Learned, which can be found HERE

On November 18th, Pathlight proudly celebrates its five-year anniversary.  In looking back at what has transpired since that day, there is no doubt that a lot has been learned by the Team here both as business owners and investment managers.  During this introspection, I spent some time reviewing our Investment Outlook publication for years 2010-2013 in order to accurately recall this uniquely challenging investment world we continue to navigate.  In doing so, it is clear that I could fill an entire book with major concerns that have kept investors nervous and many in cash despite strong investment results for stocks, bonds, and real estate.  As such, I think it’s valuable to use Pathlight’s anniversary as an opportunity to review the concerns, the results and the lessons we have (hopefully) learned over the last five years.