• Posted on: 24 November 2015
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

Pathlight Investors President, Adrian Larson, discusses the sharp rebound in equity markets and the expectation of continued volatility in 2016.

The tug of war between bulls and bears is driving heightened volatility in global stock, bond and commodity markets. This volatility can be unsettling and there’s ALWAYS something to worry about, but what are the current concerns for market participants?

Pathlight Investors President, Adrian Larson, wishes everyone a Happy New Year and provides some calming perspective on what was a weak first day of trading in 2016.  

Pathlight Investors President, Adrian Larson, discusses the weak market breadth in 2015 and also how IPO's like Alibaba, Shake Shack and GoPro continue to underwhelm.

Stock prices in markets around the world fluctuated dramatically for the week ended August 27. On Monday, August 24, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 1,089 points—a larger loss than the “Flash Crash” in May 2010—before rallying to close down 588. Prices fell further on Tuesday before recovering sharply on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.   

To view a video review of the report highlights by M.J. Nodilo, Pathlight Investors President, click the video below.